Tips of Safe Sex With Escort

  • Keep an extra condoms and dental dams handy:- it is recommended to keep extra pair of dental dams and condoms handy and always change your condom when moving from vagina to mouth or anus. Use proper dental dams during oral sex to reduce the transfer of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Look for signs of any problem:- disease do not always look on the body, there are several sexually transmitted diseases that show very few non-visible symptoms, thus always look closely before going into something like penetration or oral.
  • If possible, avoid anal sex:- anus has more germs than any other part of the body, thus if possible completely avoid anal sex. There are certain points to keep in mind like using only water-based lubricants and thick condoms if you get into anal sex.
  • Keep your sexual partners limited:- having abundant sexual partners increase the risks of getting sexually transmitted diseases thus you should keep your sexual partners limited. You can choose a good bdsm las vegas who can entertain you in different ways for a long time rather than choosing a new las vegas bdsm every time.
  • Get regular checkups for any problem:- it is advised that whether you have sex regularly or occasionally, you should get a regular checkup for sexually transmitted diseases and take regular vaccines for prevention of HPV and other infections.

Following these tips will help you in being safe with prostitutes and bdsm in las vegas.

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